Sunday, July 1, 2012

laser rifle???

Last month, a British defense company demonstrated how a non-lethal laser weapon can be used to ward off pirates. Now, American researchers have created a laser gun that sea bandits really wouldn’t want to mess with.
While the crystalline Neodymium Yttrium Aluminium Garnet laser canon, developed by BAE Systems, can temporarily disorient an assailant with a pulse of blinding light, another prototype called the TR3 Threat Deterrent Laser Rifle is compact and the laser settings can be adjusted to inflict some serious pain.

The TR3, developed by Xtreme Alternative Defense Systems and SPA Defense, can deliver a pretty intense 3-watt green laser at targets stationed up to one and a half miles away when operated at night. The rifle’s re-chargeable lithium-ion battery allows for up to 30 plus minutes of continuous firing.
David Crane of got to test out a prototype during the recent Shooting, Hunting, Outdoor Trade Show and Conference or SHOT show and described the experience on his website:
"We actually got to T&E the TR3 ourselves, and came away very impressed with it. You can adjust the intense green laser beam’s focus using a dial that surrounds the weapon’s emitter (“barrel”/”muzzle”). You can disperse the beam so that it’s eye-safe for hitting bad guys in the face, or dial the beam into a retina-frying focus.
Unfortunately, we didn’t shoot video of the TR3 operating, during the demo. We went back to the SPA Defense booth on that last day to do just that, but were unsuccessful."
A company-produced video of the TR3 in action may exist and Crane plans to upload footage if he ever gets his hands on it.
The TR3 is intended for military and defense markets only.
Photo: David Crane, (DR)

perang mcm dlm dunia gundam mayb bleh mnjadi realiti

dulu de aq post da dlm blog lme. tp ni aq post blik. sje xd kije. lyn!!!

The dream of sailors, nerds and sailor-nerds everywhere is on the verge of coming true, senior Navy technologists swear.  Within four years, they claim they’ll have a working prototype of a laser cannon, ready to place aboard a ship. And they’re just months away from inviting defense contractors to bid on a contract to build it for them.
“Subsonic cruise missiles, aircraft, fast-moving boats, unmanned aerial vehicles” — Mike Deitchman, who oversees future weapons development for the Office of Naval Research, promises Danger Room that the Navy laser cannons just over the horizon will target them all.
Or they will be, if ONR’s plans work out as promised — not exactly a strong suit of proposed laser weapons over the decades. (Note the decided lack of blast at your side.) First step in reaching this raygun reality: Finish up the paperwork. “The contract will probably have options go through four years, but depending on which laser source the vendors pick, we may be able to demo something after two years,” says Roger McGiness, who works on laser tech for Deitchman. “Our hope afterwards is to move to acquisition.”
Translated from the bureaucrat: After the Office of Naval Research can prove the prototype works, it’ll recommend the Navy start buying the laser guns. That process will begin in “30 to 60 days,” adds Deitchman, when his directorate invites industry representatives for an informal idea session. Deitchman and McGiness plan on putting a contract out for the prototype “by the end of the year.”
If this sounds like a rapid pace of development for the ultimate in science fiction weaponry, there are two major explanations why the Navy thinks the future makes a pew-pew-pew noise. The first is technological. The second is bureaucratic.
From a technological perspective, the Navy thinks maritime laser weapons finally represent a proven, mature technology. The key point came last April, when the Navy put a test laser firing a (relatively weak) 15-kilowatt beam aboard a decommissioned destroyer. Never before had a laser cannon at sea disabled an enemy vessel. But the Martime Laser Demonstrator cut through choppy California waters, an overcast sky and salty sea air to burn through the outboard engine of a moving motorboat a mile away. You can see video of the successful demonstration above.
The bureaucratic reason has to do with a decision inside the Office of Naval Research to focus its laser efforts with laser-like precision. For over a decade, it’s dreamed of creating a massive, scalable laser weapon, called the Free Electron Laser, that can generate up to a megawatt’s worth of blast power. Currently, the laser blasts 14 kilowatts of light — think 140 lamps, all shining in the same direction and at the same wavelength. A hundred kilowatts is considered militarily useful; a megawatt beam would burn through 20 feet of steel in a single second.
The Free Electron Laser has its critics, including a Senate committee. And it was sucking up all the oxygen inside the Navy’s laser efforts. So, as first reported, ONR decided, effectively, to break them up into the laser equivalent of weight classes. Generating a 100-kilowatt beam is now the province of “solid state lasers,” lasers that focus light through a solid gain medium, like a crystal or a optical fibers. The Free Electron Laser, which uses magnets to generate its beam, will stay focused on getting up to a megawatt.
That, the Navy’s scientists contend, will get an actual, working laser cannon onto a ship faster. Yes, a 100-kilowatt laser isn’t as powerful as the longed-for megawatt gun. And yes, a solid-state laser can’t operate on multiple wavelengths, while a Free Electron Laser can, making the mega-laser more useful when the sea air is full of crud and pollution. But the Office of Naval Research says that lots of active, near-term threats to ships will be vulnerable to the 100-kilowatt, solid state laser.
“It’s easier to shrink down a solid-state laser [to get on a ship], and there’s a maturity here, vice the Free Electron Laser,” says Deitchman. “The solid-state laser will still deal with many asymmetric threats, but not the most hardened, most challenging threats. It’s near-to-mid term. The Free Electron Laser is still long-term.”
There’s another advantage to developing a less-powerful laser first. The Navy’s surface ships don’t yet have the power generation necessary for spooling up a megawatt-class laser — or at least not if they don’t want to potentially be dead in the water. That’s one of the reasons the Senate Armed Services Committee is skeptical of the Free Electron Laser. It’s not clear that the ships can cope with diverting 100 kilowatts of power, either, but the Office of Naval Research thinks they can, and the laser geeks are “working closely” with the Naval Sea Systems Command to make sure the scientists are writing checks that the ship’s generators can cash.
But perhaps even more important is the fact that the Navy brass is on board with a concerted push for a new generation of shipboard weapons. “This was a decision by the Office of Naval Research,” Deitchman says, “that was approved and supported by senior Navy leadership.” The Navy may be set on a smaller fleet, but apparently it wants that fleet making pew-pew-pew noises.

she not worthy!!!!!!

my family like no others

Tribute to my step mum (2009-2012)

mcm pe y aq tulis kat tajuk tu...
rmai y x mngerti y sorg ibu tiru xkn dpt mnjadi atau dkat ngn mak sndiri
tu pe y aq rse stlh bpe thun ayah aq kawen dgn dia
dengan ape y terjadi slame ni, aq rse aq da ckup bsbr da ngn dia.
jgn sbb perwatakan alim dan solehah dia tu bleh nk perdaya aq.
aq nmpk pe ko da buat dkat kat kluarga aq
ckup da pe y aq trime slame ni
siyes aq sakit ati dgn ko wahai mak tiri
bukn mksud aq nk kurg aja mahupn derhaka dgn pe y ayah aq buat
tp aq da berase perit dan sedih dgn pe y blaku slame ni
aq xtaw nk buat pe.
nk luah kat sape
org nmpk aq snyum, aq glak, aq buat klaka tp....
dorg sume msih x phm pe y aq rse slame ni

mayb stgh org bpendapat ibu tiri skrg2 xkn sme mcm dlm cte2 y salu kua 
kat tv tu. tp bg aq, bnde tu mmg sme. jln crite je laen
mgkin dr awal2 lg aq spatotnye protes mcm ni
mcmane dr awl dia da sakitkn ati aq.
mase berkahwin dgn ayah aq pn, aq taw x smpai semggu dr perkahwinan dorg
aq x kesa ayah aq nk kawen ngn sape. tp...
knape x knalkn dgn anak2 dia dlu? knal prangai dia dlu
kitorg berkenan ke x.
tp aq taw tu urusan ayah aq. aq x berhak msuk cmpur
aq akui tu. aq redha.
kalo tu ayah aq nk. aq syg ayah aq. aq trime bulat2.
tp sape aq smpai aq x dpt brita awal2 lg?
jahat ngn truk sgt ke aq ni? aq taw aq x mcm y laen2
aq smayang pn x ckup, posa pn kadg2 monteng
byk lg aq buat. tp lyk ke aq d labelkn anak pling x guna?
fine.. kalo tu y aq berhak dpt. skali lg aq trime.

kendian slps dorg kawen, mula la kisah aq pling x ske.
waktu aq blaja utmkl dlu, aq salu short wang saku 
(sbb aq boros.. aq sdar.. )
mgkin sbb dia konon2 nk amek ati aq, dia kol aq
aq ingt lg pe dia ckp..
"ngah.. nanti kalo duit x ckup ke, kol la, msg la mama. nnt mama tlg.
mama jnji x bgtaw abah. "
ok fine. aq pn mntk la 50hengget je. sbb aq buln tu gle terdesak. 
aq ingt dia kotakn jnji dia.
tp.. aq x sangke aq d tipu.
dia gtaw ayah aq. blik kuantan, truk aq kne maki... smpai ayah aq ckp
"x ckup lg ke duit abah bg slame ni smpai nk paw mama?"
aq y paw? aq?? c'mon la. aq x paw pn
aq mntk je. kalo x terdesak, aq x hingin pn duit dia
n lg satu, aq pernah terfikir ble dia jd mak tiri aq, boleh la dia tlg famili aq kn
dr segi kewangan since arwah mak aq mnggal (tuhan je taw betape aq rindu dia)
mmg sakit. ayah aq byk berhutang. dgn kwn , dgn bank sbb nk biayai medical
expenses spnjg arwah mak aq sakit. at least bleh la mak tiri aq bantu keluarga aq kn
tp syg seribu syg... bukn mngurangkn beban tp mnmbah lg. ayah aq de ckp mak tiri 
aq de tlg byk dlm kluarga aq. btul ke? knape aq x nmpk? kalo btul, knape hutang ayah aq
still byk lg? smpai ayah aq dlu pnah terpikir nk jual rumah kete bagai? pe tu wei?!!
sakit ati..!! sakit!!

tahun 2010, abang aq kije as imigresen n kawen ngn kak ida. kak ida org sabah.
aq xtaw npe dia leh tentang sgt niat abg aq nk kawen dgn org sne.
ape org sne x ckop baek ke? alasan sbb x pkai tudung n jao? so pbelanjaan tggi?
pernah dgr x, rezeki slps kawen salunye byk. sbb bnde tu bnde indah, bnde baek.
bukn nk wat jahat pn. at least dia x pkai seposen pn duit ko wahai mak tiri.
knape perlu ko cucuk n push ayah aq smpai ayah aq bermasam muka ngn abg aq?
ko x pk sdeh gle ke hati aq ngn adek2 aq?bermula dr cni, aq mula bnci ko. jujo aq ckp
aq bnci ko.. tp aq pndam
ko bleh bermuka2 ble dpn aq. mcm baek... x mngata sket pn. bgus nye dia.
tp bru aq taw, ada niat len rupanye..
hal abg aq ngn ayah aq skrg da setel da. dorg da berbaek2 da. even abg aq pn salu kol
adek beradek dia. termsuk aq. eheh. n lg hebat, rezeki ada d mane2. abg aq mampu buat duit lbih dr pndapatan sorg engineer. RESPECT!! terbaek la. tgk la wahai mak tiri ku.. dia mampu idup bhgia skrg
lg pnting, kak ida da bleh pkai tdung pn. bnde tu bleh d didik. tu tggg jwb suami kn
syabas abg aq... bru suami y btul.

waktu aq bru msuk unimap (universiti malaysia perlis). aq jz dtg ngn ayah aq je. mane 
mak tiri aq? hmmmm... dia x dtg. ada aje alasan dia. sblm tu aq nk cte psl waktu aq grad konvo 
diploma aq kat skudai. aq g skudai sorg2. xd sape tman aq. mujo ada kwn2 aq y sudi tman aq. tq guys
ayah aq nk g sbnr nye, tp aq ckp kalo dia nk g sorg, x pyh la. aq xnk susakn dia. sbb xd org tman dia nnt. waktu abes je dpt diploma tu, org len sume sbuk amek gmbr ngn famili. aq mnangis time tu sbb aq xd kluarge nk bgambar. aq alone. aq xd spe2. ble kwn aq smpai, trus je kitorg blik. x gune ada mjlis konvo or pape if x smbut dgn famili kn. berbalik pd unimap td. smpai je mula2 kat perlis ngn ayah aq n kwn ayah aq (tq pakcik sbb tman) kitorg bmlm kat umah cikjat, pak sedara aq. pagi time nk dftr tu, mak tiri aq kol ayah aq. kbtuln ayah aq mndi. aq angkat. tp aq ngn mamai bru bgun tdo terpggl makcik kat dia. aq x mksudkn lgsg. sumpah aq mamai. nme pn dok uma makcik aq kn. dia trus hang off d fon. ok fine. then pastu dia txt ayah aq, ckp aq ni buat prangai lg ke? nk carik psl lg ke? eh... dats mean aq pnah crik psl dgn dia la. seingt aq, mmg xd. hmmm. kalo anak tiri sndiri xle phm, ko still x lyk nk aq pggl mama. msih x lyk. then ayah aq maki n marah aq la. suh aq g mntk maap. tp dia snyp je. wahai mak tiri, mujo la aq mntk maap, kalo ikutkn, x pyh pn xp. ko bukn spe2 dlm idup aq. hmm. jage ati pnye psl la, aq bg muka gak. then mlm tu aq tnye ayah aq. ayah aq ckp, dia ok da. jz mrh2 cmtu je. dtg pn x. pstu nk mrh aq. ape cte??

aq ngn ayi dok uma asing2 ngn famili aq y laen. aq ngn ayi dok uma y ayah n arwah mak aq bli dlu. tp y aq gram nye, knape dia bleh ckp kat ayah aq y x bek gantung gmbr famili dlm umah. alasan dia malaikat x msuk kalo gntung gmbr org. abg aq mrh gle. dia x bg bwk trun. tp pas ayah aq pjok, kitorg bwk la gak trun. semata2 jge ati ayah aq. mmg sdeh gle. tp smpai skrg, xd pn gmbr famili tergantung dlm uma aq. kwn2 y dtg uma aq taw la cmne. mmg dinding kosong je. tp aq de tnye rmai ustaz. pe dorg ckp..? dorg ckp, gmbr famili x slh pn. bukn nk wat puja or idola kn dorg. so xd mslh. n gmbr y xle pn mcm binatang or gmbr y ckop sifat. kluarga sndiri d bnarkn. aq da ckp kat ayah aq. tp dia ckp xp la. dgr je la ckp mak tiri aq. whi is she anyway 2 orders around? mam besar???!!! siap bleh bg 
arahan blik ayah aq y bese kitorg msuk tu jgn msuk. tp kitorg pdulik pe. msuk jgk. bukn rumh ko pn!!!

oh ya... mak tiri aq x pndai msk. siyes aq ckp. msk pn simple2 je. x sdap lak tu. byk bli kdai je. ni ke calon ibu terbaek? layaknye dia... lantak dia la kn. hmmm bukn aq dok ngn dia pn. 

percaya x, kalo blik kampung, lg2 waktu raya, aq ngn adek aq je y beraye kat uma nenek aq kat kb tu. dia x pernah pn nk beraya uma nenek aq ni. stiap tahun uma dia. da petang gle bru nk dtg. tu pn nk blik kalo bleh secepat y bleh. x respek nenek aq ke wei? cuba la korg byg kn betape sedeh pagi2 raya hanya ada nenek, ko, ngn adek ko je beraye kat uma tu. n kazen2 kalo ada. siyes aq x rase feel raye ni da lme gle. mcm aq ngn adek aq ni buangan je pn ada. kenape susa sgt nk beraya uma nenek aq? x selesa? homesick? haiyoh. tebaek nye mak tiri. segala bnde ayah aq kne ikut ckp ko. mentng2 ayah aq setia gle. bleh jd cmtu lak. kalo da dok uma nenek aq pn satu hal jgk. nak kua mne2 dia la y pling lmbt skali. dok tggu lbih stgh jam kat dia je. siap skali tu bleh dia msuk blik tdo blik. no respect again? ok. fine!!!

banyak lg bnde y buat aq x puas ati ngn dia. cuti sekolah. time tu salu aq cuti sem universiti. ape mkne cuti? berehat ngn bercuti ngn famili bukn? tp aq y jd kat famili kitorg? mak tiri aq kompem2 blik kampung dia. dgn alasan berubat la pe la. stiap kali cuti lak tu. so kitorg ni mmg xle bercuti la yeh? xd kawan? xd mse nk bjln2? lg wat aq sakit ati, ayah aq kne antar n amek dia blik kat pasir puteh tu. ingt dekat ke? ingt ayah aq muda lg ke? naek bas xle? manja sgt!!!!!! kesian ayah aq smpai pnat2. dia de kije jgk la whai mak tiri. so cuti sjak 2009 aq rse x pernah g mane2 kua dr kuantan. bosn kan idup kitorg? hmmm.. dia g bercuti, tp tggl kitorg dok uma. tgk2 kn adek2 y sekola rendah tu. x pernah nk pdulik famili kitorg kn? hebat mak tiri aq ni!!!

aq da mls nk tulis pnjg2 lg. ckop da kot. last skali sng cte, ari jumaat lpas aq g kl dok umah cikngah aq kat jln klang lama tu dr perlis. dr unimap. nk d jadikn cte, cikngah cte la kat aq. y time aq pnah nk pnjm duit ayah aq nk bli kete ngn kwn aq (kancil utk 4000 hengget. last2 jual kat org len 7.5k. untong kwn aq tu) aq pk nk buat kete sewa or jual blik. bleh wat untong. tp x sangke ayah aq x bg sbb ada org cucuk dia rupenye. cikngah ckp, ayah tnye dia cmne. de aq cte kat cikngah x. cikngah ckp ada la. tp bleh mak tiri aq y power ni mnyampuk lak ckp, aq x le bli lg. x mmpu jge diri sndiri la. bla bla bla. y pling saket ati ble dia ckp anak2 ayah aq manja sgt ngn ayah aq. tu y mntk mcm2. ayah aq lupa waktu aq abes dipl (paper last.. ayah aq dtg) dia jnji kalo aq msuk degree dia crik kete utk aq. even 2nd car pn xp. tu ayah aq ckp. aq ingt lg. tp aq xnk la nk sbut dpn ayah aq. aq nk dia ingt sndiri. hmmm. maqak tiri aq ckp kitorg manja? spoiled? sdar x kitorg ilg arwah mak awal. pastu adek2 aq kcik lg time tu,. op kos la dorg mnja ngn ayah aq. dorg lonely. xd mak. nk arap kat ko wahai mak tiri, x mcm mak pn. aq marah ble dgr tu. mak tiri aq de ckop famili sume. serba serbi bleh la. ko xle compare life ko ngn kitorg. ko xtaw mcmane pnderitaan kitorg. so ko x berhak nk ckp pape pn dlm hal kluarga aq. kcuali ko jd sebahagian dr famili aq. n nmpk lg saket ati aq, duit dr pampasan (x ingt pampasan ke insurans ke pe) y dpt dr arwah mak aq dkat 30k ayah aq g labur dkat kwn ayahngah (adek mak tiri aq) last2 rugi je. aq x mrh ayah aq. tp npe mak tiri aq kne hasut ayah aq mlabur? aq taw ayah aq bukn jnis suke mlabur x tntu psl. kan da susa kn ayah aq nk crik duit blik nk himpun duit kat 30k tu. senang je kn ko wat mcm ko x bslh. x kesah la ko rugi gak kat 200k ke pe. duit famili kitorg tu cmne? tu utk mase dpn adek2 aq taw x!!!!!! aq mmg mrh!!!
start dr ari tu, aq mmg bnci mak tiri aq.
ko xnah nk prove diri ko worthy as a mum.
ko xnah nk phm ati anak2 tiri ko
ko xnah nk respek famili n kluarga blah ayah aq
ni ke sorg ibu tiri??

ksimpulannye, mak tiri mmg mak tiri. xkn dpt jd sorg ibu.
aq mnyesal sbb aq dr awal2 x protes bnde ni.
skrg?? hmmm.. jd la ko jz isteri kpd ayah aq
tp jgn mimpi nk jd sorg mak tiri.
ko x lyk....